The New New

I’m super fortunate to be coming into my third year being partnered with Santa Cruz bicycles and thrilled to have my second custom paint job from their graphics team. This particular bike was designed by a friend who has known me since the beginning of my racing. At a quick glance you might not catch all the tiny details, but the frame is riddled inside jokes, mottos, and nicknames that never made the cut. The pictures really don’t do the paint justice, you truly need the sun to hit the bike to see the sparkly gold-like paint. Find me at a race and have a look in person!


  • Frame - Santa Cruz Stigmata CC 58cm - This bike rips.

  • Wheels - Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubulars - Super light, strong, and durable.

  • Pedals - TIME ATAC XC12 - TIME is a new partner for me this season. I’ve been blown away at how easy these pedals are to get into. They’re some of the lightest pedals available and have a super solid platform feel when clipped in.

  • Drivetrain - SRAM Force1 - 42t front chainring - 11-32 1170 cassette - mid cage derailleur - RED 22 chain - 175mm cranks

  • Brakes - SRAM HRD Disc - 140mm rotors with metallic brake pads. I prefer the metallic pads over organic. They seem to bite harder than the organics  do. Brake pads are something worth experimenting with on your bike!

  • Tires - Vittoria Wet - at 320tpi these tires are insanely soft and supple just what you need in a cyclocross tubular.

  • Saddle - WTB Silverado Carbon - People always ask me if riding carbon rails is “okay” for cyclocross. I’ve been on WTB’s carbon rail saddles for three years now and have never broken, cracked, or had a problem with one.

  • Computer - Stages Dash - I love the mounting versatility of these computers. They fit right above the stem and are out of the way when your mechanic catches your bike in the pit.

  • Headset - White Industries - Made in the USA. Unparalleled quality.

  • Cockpit - Zipp Service Course SL - 110mm stem and 44cm SL80 handlebars.

  • Lubrication - WD40

Tobin Ortenblad