Hoogerheide World Cup

Well just in case you didn’t already see the news elsewhere, I made the 2016 USA U23 Worlds team with my ride at the National Championships! That means I am back in Holland for the third time this cross season getting prepped for worlds in Heusden-Zolder on the 31st. 

Things are pretty similar to all the other trips over here, show up at the airport, head to the compound, build bikes, ride, eat, sleep, repeat. 

Mornings at the compound. 

Mornings at the compound. 

Worlds is a week away at this point. Today we raced Hoogerheide, the last World Cup of the season. The course was thick and heavy, maybe the hardest course conditions I’ve ever seen here. They also did some major landscaping near the start finish which yielded more thick heavy mud and the almighty “stairway to heaven” a 44 step cross fit workout mid race towards the finish line. 


The week following nationals I got pretty sick back home in Santa Cruz, CA. I was patient and tried to kick the cold, but it kept me down for a little more than a week. My minimal riding wasn’t super productive as far as training goes, so I wasn’t all that surprised with the struggles I faced today at Hoogerheide as I rolled in for a less than ideal 30th place. 

This may or may not be a list of our tire pressure today...

This may or may not be a list of our tire pressure today...

For now, I’m not stressing on today’s result too much as it was expected after a crappy week leading up to it. Worlds is in seven days, all focus and training is back on track now that I’m healthy and ready to get back after it at Zolder!

Tobin Ortenblad