The Namur World Cup

    Historically speaking the Namur World Cup is a race that I have really struggled with. If you haven’t seen any photos or video of the Namur course you should check it out. It is arguably one of the world’s hardest cross courses. As a Junior this was my first European race ever, which was a kick in the teeth to say the least. We pre rode the course while the sun was rising and started racing as snow began to fall. That year I was 13th. The next year as a first year U23 I hit a pole and flatted out, second year as a U23 I was pulled and listed as 37th, and as a third year U23 I was pulled again and listed as 36th.

     Not only have I struggled with this race, I have struggle to even finish the damn thing on the lead lap. This season I’ve tried to not put too much pressure on myself even though deep down I know it is my last season as a U23 rider. My last year to get results at these races in Europe, my last season before I’m a full on elite racer.
    Finally I feel like the work is paying off and the results are starting to happen, domestically and internationally. Earlier in the season I was 17th at the Valkenburg World Cup and yesterday in my last year racing the Namur World Cup as a U23 I was 22nd. Things are really starting to click. Yesterday’s result at Namur was good, it represented a lot of progress compared to past years. I’m happy with the way the race panned out, but was slightly bummed I couldn’t hold my last lap position of 18th.

     A top 15 finish at the Zolder World Cup on December 26th will automatically qualify me for a spot on the 2016 USA Worlds team. From here on out all focus is aimed at exactly that.                

Namur will do that to you.

Namur will do that to you.

Anyways, that's it for now.

Over and Out.