I guess I've always kinda been into bikes. Prior to 8th grade I dirt jumped and rode just about anything that required two wheels and gravity, it wasn't until middle school where I decided it would be cooler to shave my legs and wear spandex. From that point onward it was all downhill. I have now been racing professionally for the past four years while going to school in the spring. I started in the dirt, racing the Nor Cal high school mountain bike races at the beginning of high school before transitioning to cyclocross and road racing. I'm fortunate enough to have been raised and still living in Santa Cruz, California. I could go on and on about why this place is the best and how the riding is unrivaled and blah blah blah. The cycling community here has been an instrumental part of my development as a cyclist and I will forever remember that.

I'm into cars, specifically Subarus. I love tweaking and changing performance bits and pieces. One day I might actually be able to afford a real fast car, but for now I'll keep classy in the wagon.

My 2005 Subaru Legacy GT.

My 2005 Subaru Legacy GT.

I'm into music pretty much all genres and styles, I'm addicted to it. Music is a vital part of my daily routine, not sure what I would do without it. Anything like this does it for me.

This is good too.

As well as this song...

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