Looking back I've always been into bikes. I was typically the benchwarmer on any ball sports game I played. Bicycles instantly got me stoked and kept me out of all the petty fights I'd inevitably get myself into when I wasn't the best on the baseball team. It was my first positive outlet and it stuck. Three doors down, my neighbor was my inspiration to ride harder, hit bigger jumps, and become a better rider. He traveled the UCI World Cup downhill circuit and I watched in awe. Prior to 8th grade I dirt jumped and rode just about anything that required two wheels and gravity, it wasn't until middle school where I decided it would be cooler to shave my legs and wear spandex. From that point onward things snowballed leaving my racing career where it is currently is today. I have now been racing professionally for the past five years while going to school in the spring. I started in the dirt, racing the Nor Cal high school mountain bike races at the beginning of high school before transitioning to road racing and foremost, cyclocross. I have been fortunate enough to have been raised and still living in Santa Cruz, California. I'm a product of my community and those within it. I've learned countless lessons from those surrounding me as my cycling career took off. The cycling community here has been an instrumental part of my development as a cyclist and I will forever remember that.